LIVING in Alpharetta, GA, Jason runs a small software development company and loves to study the bible and the writings of the early church

An Introduction

My name is Jason and I've been a Protestant my entire life, some 37 years of it. Up until about a month ago I would have described myself as "staunchly Protestant", viewing all things Catholic as some sort of "Christian oddity". 

However, I now find myself falling head over heels in love with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the beauty of its Liturgy and the no compromise centeredness on Jesus Christ in the mass and the Holy Eucharist.

There are 397 days until I will be allowed to partake of the Holy Eucharist on Easter of 2019. I am writing this blog to document my scriptural studies and the preparation of my mind and body in anticipation of that first Holy Communion.

Day 397